Offering an extensive selection of wallcoverings and custom printed wall designs, we have a style for every interior design project.

Wallpaper search tool

In order to best assist professionals and clients with their wallpaper requirements, our Wallpaper Search Tool allows you to browse our designs easily and efficiently using various filters.

We have provided a brief breakdown below explaining how to use this tool effectively.


You can reset the tool by simply clicking on the refresh button, this will reset the database to its original settings.


Use the search tool to find a product by its code or even try your luck by typing a keyword to narrow down your search.

Using the filters
Step 1

Choose from our different wallpaper categories based on what type of wallpaper you are looking for. You will find most of our designs under our "Standard Wallpapers" however if you are are looking for something a little more bespoke, try our "Custom Wallpapers" printed to your wall size(s).

Step 2

Once you have chosen a category, select the style of wallpaper. We have a variety of styles to choose from, like our modern wallpapers from the "Geometric" and "Contemporary" designs to more classic patterns from the "Damask" styles.

Step 3

You can narrow down your selection by your colour preference. We have a wide selection of colourways to choose from and some designs may have multiple colour variations as well for more options.

Step 4

Each design can be found in a collection and sometimes this can be very useful if you are looking for a specific collection where there will be similar styles and complementary colourways. During promotions we will always talk about the collection so sometimes its the easiest way to find your wallpaper.

Step 5

We have a variety of suppliers where our wallpapers come from and each of them have their own hand writing. You can view your favourite supplier very easily to see what else they have to offer from their collections.

Step 6

If you have a budget, this is a great place to narrow down your search even more. Please note the price band only applies to our wallpapers sold per roll and not our custom wallpapers as they are printed to your specific wall size. Please enquire with our sales team for budget pricing for custom printed wallpapers.

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your project list

Professionals, construction and procurement companies as well as private clients can add multiple designs to their project list and request an estimate based on your requirements. 

Additional items like delivery details and measurements can be included in your request for a comprehensive quote.

Please feel free to include drawings and additional information so we can assist you with your project. 

For any assistance with custom wallpapers and design requests, visit our Bespoke Design Service page for more information.

Help page

Visit our Help Page for any technical enquiries about our materials and installation service.

Contact Page

Get in touch with our sales team if you have any questions relating to pricing or technical advice.

Our standard ordering process
choose your design(s)

Select the design(s) and quantity for your project. You can select multiple designs for your project.

send your request

Complete the enquiry form including your details as well as wall measurements so we can work out the estimate accurately for your project.

place your order

Once you have accepted your quote and paid the invoice in full, your order will be placed.


We do offer delivery for clients all around the world. Sales of WCI Wallpapers are Ex Works and can be dependent where the wallpaper is printed based on requirements.

lead times and delivery
lead times

Our average lead time is 10-15 working days however this is fully dependent on the relevant quantity ordered and production schedule. We will provide lead times at the time of ordering and is on a per order basis.

local delivery

We offer door-to-door delivery to every region in South Africa. Our standard delivery options are 3-4 working days but we do offer overnight services as well.

International delivery

We deliver our bespoke wallpapers to all major countries. Please get in touch with us if you require export assistance.


Sampling is available on request and costs will be dependent on quantity and location. Please enquire about our sampling service.


We have worked with the finest designers and architects both locally and abroad, developing and creating their concepts into bespoke projects.

Offering a turnkey wall coverings solution, clients can confidently discuss their project requirements knowing that we have the core competency to carry out both the supply and installation for small and large scale projects.

WCI Wallpapers has proven to be a reliable and capable project partner for nearly two decades and continue to offer our services to both local and international clients.